New! EV Hype Kit Instruction Videos!

New! In addition to our manual and conversion diagram, we now have Step-by-Step instructional videos to make converting with our EV hypE conversion kit to 100% electric even easier. A series of short videos discuss the various components and explain how to connect and set them up.

Project: Porsche 912E – Blitz

Porsche specialist Schmidt Oss has completely in line with their passion for Porsche engineering converted a Porsche 912 (911) from 1969 with an unprecedentedly high finish level of and eye detail. Completely in line with their exclusive “von Schmidt” is this project called “Blitz”.

The basis for the conversion is the EV hypE conversion kit developed by EV Europe and certified in accordance with European R10.5 regulations. The kit already fully assembled and tested by EV Europe makes it possible to build such a high-quality project with as little work and cabling as possible. The converted 912 Blitz now delivers a 90 kW and torque of 235 Nm in virtually any rev range, resulting in extremely smooth driving and better performance than the original. This makes the 912 Blitz ideal for everyday use, just as you are used to from Porsche.


EV Europe has one of the largest stocks of new and used EV parts in Europe. These parts can be easily viewed and ordered through our extensive webshop. EV Europe only sells parts that they themselves have tested with a quality they support and where they can provide support if necessary. For large quantities, special shipments and intracommunicaire deliveries (without VAT) Please feel free to contact us!

About EV Europe

EV Europe is a merger between the two trending market leaders in the field of electric driving: Heijnsdijk electric Cars and EV Custom. Each with its own unique segment and the associated experience; Heijnsdijk Electric Cars focused on the delivery, development and certification of EV components and Lithium battery systems, Ev Custom focused on complete projects for customers who wished a full-service concept. Due to its far-reaching and unique expertise, the right click and shared passion for electric driving and durability, the owners of both companies Vincent Heijnsdijk and Peter-Jan Schouten decided to merge early 2018 to EV Europe. With the creation of EV Europe, the market leader in the field of electrical mobility and lithium battery systems was formed according to a one-stop-shop concept.


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