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Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.

Elon Musk, Tesla

You will only see it when you get it.

Johan Cruijf

The light bulb was not created by the continuous improvement of the candle.

Amira Yahyaoui

Completed projects

Project: VW T1 Kombi Sol

The aim was to create the prototype of the kombiSOL, a 100% electric VW T1 bus that is a model of sustainability and circularity. This first kombiSOL is used in a project that is called “Lijn 2030” by the Municipality of Arnhem. The emphasis is on the sustainable character, the bus is not only electrically powered but also extra insulated with hemp (CO2 negative) and equipped with five flexible solar panels (500 Wp) which cover the entire roof of the bus. The solar panels provide energy to the VW T1’s main battery. This battery also powers the kitchenette and the mobile office including coffee maker. A 40 kWatt electric motor and a 144 Volt battery system with a capacity of approx. 32 kWhr were chosen for the electric drive. The battery pack is divided over the VW T1 with some nice details to show the users the battery system. For the battery system, a circular solution was again chosen by re-using Tesla battery modules. The conversion of the VW T1 has become a particularly attractive project which has been awarded with many media attention.

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About EV Europe

EV Europe is a merger between the two trending market leaders in the field of electric driving: Heijnsdijk electric Cars and EV Custom. Each with its own unique segment and the associated experience; Heijnsdijk Electric Cars focused on the delivery, development and certification of EV components and Lithium battery systems, Ev Custom focused on complete projects for customers who wished a full-service concept.

Due to its far-reaching and unique expertise, the right click and shared passion for electric driving and durability, the owners of both companies Vincent Heijnsdijk and Peter-Jan Schouten decided to merge early 2018 to EV Europe. With the creation of EV Europe, the market leader in the field of electrical mobility and lithium battery systems was formed according to a one-stop-shop concept.

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