Battery system Asphalt machine

For a manufacturer operating in the civil industry, EV Europe designed, built and tested a customer-specific battery system. The battery system is composed of safe LifePo4 battery cells with a total capacity of 180 kWh and voltage of up to 650 VDC. The system is suitable for peak power above 180 kW and continuous power of about 80 kW.

Specifically for this application, the system has been made extra robust and also interchangeable. All connections can be disconnected with one connector and the system can then easily be hoisted out and changed.

Type: Asphalt machine

Built year: 2022

Voltage: 650 VDC

Battery Capacity: 180 kWh

N0. working hours8-12 hours

Charge time:4-6 hours at AC charging 3 phase - 32A

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