Boesch 510 Electric

EV Europe was able to supply all parts for the Boesch 510 electric powertrain for a customer from Austria, Oldschool Classics. Boesch is a motorboat builder from Switzerland and has been supplying luxury classic motorboats for 80 years, including the Boesch 510 with a beautiful classic wooden-lacquered look. The Boesch boats are known for their beautiful sailing characteristics and are therefore very suitable for conversion to electric.

Oldschool Classics has used the 90 kW EV hype drive with water cooling so that it is suitable for sailing with 40-50kW continuous power. The battery system used 8 battery modules with a total capacity of 42 kWh.

The result of this conversion has become a combination between a beautiful classic boat with the most modern EV technology.

Type: Boesch 510 Electric

Built year: 1978

Converted: 2022

Engine power peak: 90 kW - 50 kW continuous

Battery Capacity: 42 kWH


Charge time:3-4 hours at AC charging 3 phase - 16A

Realised: One-time project

Special features:

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