Citroen DS

In his inner struggle between reason – get rid of that car! – and feeling – it’s such a beautiful thing – Green editor Marcel ten Hooven chose the golden mean. His Citroën DS is now an electric car. Mine is the second DS that EV Europe in Delft has converted to electric drive, after preparatory welding work by garage Jan Konijnendijk in Bergschenhoek. ‘For me, the fun of an electric vintage car is an important motive for making it my job, I must admit,’ says Peter-Jan Schouten, one of the company’s two owners. ‘Such a car drives very smoothly and you pull away nicely. You no longer have to worry about the technology, you have no leaks and you never have a cold start again. But what also counts for me: it is really not of this time, such blue smoke behind your oldtimer.

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Type: Citroen DS

Built year: 1967

Converted: 202

Engine power peak: 90 kW

Battery Capacity: 66 kWH

Range: 250 km

Charge time: 5-6 hours on standard AC 3 phase - 16A group

Realised: Meanwhile, we have done several Citroen DS conversion projects.

Special features:

This complete conversion is also available in “kit” form including battery housings.

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Project video