Ford Mustang

For a client, EV Europe was able to convert a Ford Mustang to 100% electric drive. The beauty of this project was that the Mustang could already be assembled at EV Europe after the full restoration, but before the car was painted in color. This allowed minor modifications and improvements to be made to fit the full powertrain in the Mustang.

The Mustang is equipped with dual 90 kW engines (2 in line) that provide spectacular performance and torque (470Nm from the e-motor).

Type: Ford Mustang

Built year: 1965

Converted: 2019

Engine power peak: 180 kW – 470 Nm

Battery Capacity: 64 kWH

Range:250 km

Charge time:8-10 hours at AC charging 2 phase - 16A

Realised: One-time project

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