Ford Pick-up

In cooperation with restoration specialist Toncar in Bergschenhoek, EV Europe has been able to provide the 100% electric powertrain for a number of very nicely restored Ford pick-up trucks.

The pick-ups are equipped with dual 90 kW engines (2 in line) that provide spectacular performance and torque (470Nm from the e-motor).

To ensure a noiseless and smooth driveline, it was decided to replace the standard gearbox for a fixed reduction of 1.9:1 behind the engine connected directly to the propeller shaft. This also makes it possible, with a simple switch, to charge the electric motor in reverse in order to drive backwards (at limited speed).

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Type: Ford Pick-up

Built year: 1946

Converted: 2022

Engine power peak: 180 kW – 470 Nm

Battery Capacity: 66 kWH

Range:200 km

Charge time:5-6 hours at AC charging 3 phase - 16A 14-16 hours (home charging)

Realised: Various pickup trucks

Special features:

These trucks are called “Fat Fenders”

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