Jaguar E-type

For Jaguar and oldtimer enthusiast Roel Zaadnoordijk, EV Europe equipped a Jaguar E-type, restored entirely by Roel himself, with a 100% electric powertrain. Special for this project was that Roel wanted to be able to drive to Paris without recharging which required a very large battery capacity. EV Europe managed to fit 110 kWh of battery capacity into the E-type while maintaining a practical luggage space.

To provide additional space in the engine bay and also to ensure a silent and smooth powertrain, it was decided to replace the standard gearbox for a fixed reduction 1.9 behind the engine connected directly to the propeller shaft. This also makes it possible with a simple switch to charge the electric motor to run in reverse in order to drive in reverse (at limited speed).

The E-type in combination with the possibility of being able to drive to Paris has received a lot of attention in the media.

Oldtimer Jamie (de Jaguar van Roel) zoeft zonder bij te laden in één ruk naar Parijs | Mijn Allessie, autoliefhebbers uit Den Haag en omstreken |

Type: Jaguar E-type

Built year: 1973

Converted: 2022

Engine power peak: 90 kW

Battery Capacity: 110 kWH

Range: 400 km

Charge time: 8-10 hours at AC charging 3 phase - 16A 14-16 hours (home charging)

Realised: One-time project

Special features:

110 kWh battery capacity in the e-type to while maintaining a practical luggage space

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Project video