MG Midget

In cooperation with restoration MG specialist MG Workshop in Monster, EV Europe was able to provide all materials and knowledge for the conversion of a neatly restored MG Midget.

The Midget is equipped with a maximum 60 kW AC engine and a 30 kWh Tesla battery system, neatly divided into several battery boxes by MG Workshop to achieve a much better weight distribution and road handling than the original MG Midget.

Contact – MG Workshop

Type: MG Midget

Built year: 1973

Converted: 2019

Engine power peak: 60 kW – 110 Nm

Battery Capacity: 30 kWH

Range: 150 km

Charge time: 8-10 hours at AC charging 1 phase - 16A

Realised: One-time project

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Project video

Project video