Tesla Roadster

After many concerned questions from Tesla Roadster owners with a bad or even defective (bricked) battery system in their Roadster, EV Europe decided to develop a replacement battery system for the 1st generation Tesla Roadster. After 2.5 years of development, EV Europe managed to deliver a fully functioning replacement battery system where only the so-called battery sheets of the Roadster are replaced for EV Europe’s replacement battery module that fits into the original battery system. The battery module has a capacity of over 64 kWh and weighs about 40 kg less than the original 50 kWh battery system.

In addition, EV Europe has developed a Type 2 AC charging and CCS2 fast charging system to allow the Roadster to charge at a standard AC charging station and also fast charge via CCS2 at speeds up to 50 kWh. This makes the Tesla Roadster a car that can be used daily, even for longer distances!

Type: Tesla Roadster

Built year: 2008 - 2021

Converted: 2024

Engine power peak: 200 kW

Battery Capacity: 64,8 kWH

Range:350 km

Charge time:8-10 hours at AC charging 3 phase - 16A - CCS fast charging up to 80% 1 hour

Realised: Diverse

Special features:

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