Volvo 244 GLS

For a customer EV Europe was able to carry out a very special Volvo 244 DLS. This type of Volvo was special, because 1000 units of this type were delivered directly to the GDR. The DDR sticker is still on the vehicle.

For this conversion, use was made of the standard EV hypE 90 kW drive which was placed directly on the original gearbox of the Volvo, however, at a later stage the drive was connected directly to the caradanas which ensured an even much quieter Volvo.

Type: Volvo 244 GLS

Built year: 1978

Converted: 2022

Engine power peak: 90 kW

Battery Capacity: 66 kWH

Range:250-300 km

Charge time:3-4 hours at AC charging 3 phase - 16A

Realised: One-time project

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