EV Europe – The 100% lithium E-xperts!

Your reliable total partner

Thanks to many years of experience with lithium battery systems in mobile systems, EV Europe has also become a reliable partner for the design and delivery of customer specific Lithium battery systems and associated charging systems. EV Europe is able to design, build and test lithium battery systems specifically for you as a “drop inn” and “plug & play” system.

As everyone knows, current developments in lithium battery technology are going fast. Due to the modular structure of the systems designed by EV Europe, it is easy to adapt to an improved cell when it comes on the market. EV Europe is therefore well able to advise you based on your desired specifications, the practical experience of EV Europe and on the basis of the current state of battery technology.

Customer-specific solutions

EV Europe designs, builds and tests the following lithium battery systems in-house:

  • LifePo4 battery systems
  • NCM battery systems
  • Lightweight Lithium battery systems with more than 200 Watts per kg
  • Water-cooled high power lithium systems with continuous power outputs above 8C
  • Integrated modules including Battery Management System, battery contactors, Service disconnect, fuses and suitable battery chargers.

No additional programming equipment, software dongles or expensive software is required to set up or adjust lithium battery systems from EV Europe. The software is made available free of charge, the connection takes place via a USB connection on the outside of each Lithium accuysteem.

State of the art technique

EV Europe supplies battery systems according to the latest state of technology. Internally, the entire battery system is controlled and controlled by an R10.4 certified Battery Management System that measures the cell voltages and cell temperatures of each cell (block) and also the incoming and outgoing currents with an accurate current sensor with a double range of 0-100 and 0-1000 ampere for accurate State of Charge determinations in each current range. By default, each battery pack is equipped with Bluetooth communication to easily read out the current status and any malfunctions in a free available App.

Communication with the battery system can take place with serial RS232 communication or via a CAN2.0 bus at 125 – 250 – 500 or 1000 kbps.

The control of the charging process is of great importance for the proper operation of a Lithium battery system. EV Europe only uses stable and accurately adjustable CAN bus controlled Lithium battery chargers that are fully controlled by the Battery Management System.