How we handle privacy

We deeply value the privacy of our customers, clients and partners. In the modern world, where your privacy is violated by many parties, we want to be a positive exception to the rule. Thus, no complex and juridical policies, but a clear text on how we handle your privacy,

Website and webshop

Our public facing infrastructure – website and webshop – uses a TLS connection. You can recognize it by the green padlock near the address bar. It is an indication that the connection between your computer and our server is secured (encrypted). For the geeks: our TLS configuration gets an A+ rating on SSLLabs. That is the highest possible score in a standardized test.

We gather statistics, to see how much visitors we get and which pages are frequently visited. The majority achieves this through Google Analytics. We can’t find ourselves in Google’s policies, hence we picked Matomo, which does offer privacy for our customers and visitors. We store the data for three months, in an anonymized form. Geeky fact: we nullify the last two octets of IP addresses and we respect the DNT header.

Our website and webshop is hosted at LAYLO, in the datacenter in Eindhoven. Even more so, our partners are full Dutch companies, so we can comply with the Dutch/EU laws on privacy. No vague constructions that pose a threat to your privacy.

The security of our website and webshop is monitored 24/7, both automatically and manually. This allows us to take action – if necessary – before problems arise or escalate.

On some occasions, we partner up with external parties, so we can serve our customers and partners even more efficient. These parties were subjected to an audit and continue to be evaluated for a correct handling of private data. These parties are: LAYLO (hosting and tech), Mollie (payment service provider), MoneyBird (administration) and PostNL (logistics and shipping).


Due to local laws, we are obligated to keep administrative data and transactions for seven years, both incoming and outgoing invoices. We only use this data for administrative purposes, not to send unsolicited e-mail.

With purchase at our physical store, we offer the possibility to pay by cash. With a successful transaction, we give you a purchase receipt. As with every invoice, we store that for seven years. The purchase receipt is your warranty proof.

Our newsletter is on an opt-in base; you need to explicitly give persmission if you want to subscribe. This can be done online – by checking a mark or in our offline store by asking us to subscribe you.

For both your and our security, we use camera surveillance, with a ‘closed circuit’ network. The images aren’t public and don’t get send through the internet. Not ever.

Last but not least, if any question or comments arrise regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us through privacy@eveurope.