CATL 26S – 18 kWh – 94 Volt NMC Lithium Battery module

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CATL NMC Lithium Battery module 26S

  • NMC Lithium Ion Cell Chemistry
  • 26 Cells of 188Ah in series
  • Total Capactity 18 kWH
  • Cooling Water Cooled (optional)
  • Rated voltage 94.4 VDC
  • Maximum voltage 109.2 V total or 4.2V cell voltage
  • Minimum voltage 65V total or 2,5V cell voltage
  • Maximum current peak 700 Ampere
  • Maximum current continue* 325 A * with battery cooling
  • Min/Max discharge temp. -25 to +55 °C
  • Min / Max charge temperature -0 to +55 °C
  • Weight Approx. 84 kg
  • Dimensions 1022 x 372 x 116 mm

Optionally, we can also supply an adapter wiring harness to connect the CATL battery module directly to a BMS Centralized Can Group Module. This makes building battery systems easier than ever before, direct plug in connection! Per CATL26S module you need 1 connection wiring harness (only available in combination with a CATL16S module) and a 2BMS Centralized Can Group Module.

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