CATL 8S – 6,85 kWh – 29,3 Volt Lithium Battery module

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  • CATL NMC Lithium Battery module 8S
  • NMC Lithium Ion Cell Chemistry
  • Nominal voltage 29.3 VDC
  • Maximum voltage 33.6V total or 4.2V cell voltage
  • Minimum voltage 20V total or 2.5V cell voltage
  • Capacity Min 234Ah – 6,85 kWh
  • Maximum peak current 420 A
  • Maximum continuous current* 210 A* with battery cooling
  • Maximum balancing current 80 mA Weight Approx. 31 kg
  • Dimensions 590 x 226 x 109 mm – VDA590 dimensions
  • Heatsink optional

Optionally, we can also supply an adapter wiring harness to connect the CATL battery module directly to a BMS Centralized Can Group Module. This makes building battery systems easier than ever before, direct plug in connection! Per 2 CATL8S modules you need 1 connection wiring harness (only available in combination with a CATL8S module) and a BMS Centralized Can Group Module).

 1.240,00 Ex. VAT

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