Charge adapter Type 2 to 230VAC Schuko Type F (1 x 16A)

 150,00 Ex. VAT

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This adapter can be used to charge vehicles with a standard 240VAC – max 16A Schuko plug to a charging station with a type 2 output. For example, think of charging e-bikes, e-scooters etc. This latest design has an internal temperature sensor to protect power draw with a plug that makes poor contact, making it safe to use this adapter up to 3.7 kW – 16A

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum continuous current [A]: 16
  • Ingress protection [IP] rating: 44 (moisture proof)
  • Operating Ambient Air Temperature Range [C°]: from -40 to +50
  • UV resistance: YES
  • Socket over-temperature protection: YES
  • Dimensions [Φmax / Length]: 58 mm / 184 mm
  • Weight: 215g

 150,00 Ex. VAT

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