Complete dual EV HypE ™ conversion kit + torque box for rear wheel drive vehicles – Low Voltage max 180 kWatt – 130 VDC

 17,560.00 40,400.00 Excl. btw

Complete EV conversion kit for rear-wheel drive vehicles based on our DUAL EV HypE ™ drive and Torque box for direct drive of the shaft with various options for lithium battery systems. This is not a box with loose parts like many other suppliers for your EV conversion, however it contains as far as possible pre-assembled, programmed and tested components to make a conversion as simple as possible with a limited amount of labour.

The standard set includes:

  • DUAL EV HypE ™ Reluctance 180 kW low voltage max 130 VDC – 235 Nm – “fully assembled, tested and ready to use” drive system including DC-DC converter, main power fuse, control electronics, simplified charge controller, drive lock, ready to drive signal, all prepared in accordance with EU automotive R100 rules.
  • EV hypE Torque box with reduction 1:1.9
  • Superspec output power on the cardan shaft 180+ kW – 890+ Nm – max 4200 RPM!
  • Curtis PB-6 throttle-Potbox.
  • Manual, software and wiring diagram

Dimensions: 2020_DUAL_00B EVhypes one after the other

The optional battery pack + BMS + Charger Package includes:

  • Various Lithium battery options including R10 approved BMS system, Connection circuit board and Bluetooth app functionality.
  • OEM CAN controlled 3.3 kwatt charger or 10 Kwatt – 3 Phase OEM charging solution + connection kit set with pre-assembled cables – length 3 meters.
  • Type 2 “Mennekes” charging socket (vehicle side).
  • HV Service Disconnect including interlock.
  • 8 mtr Orange (according to European R100 rules) HV cable 50 mm2 – shielded + 2 mtr Orange HV Cable 50 mm2 + 16 pcs of Cable lug 50 mm2 – 8 mm + 6 MTR CAN communication cable.
  • All necessary buttons and plugs for a full EV conversion.

What is not included?

  • Battery trays (can also be designed by EV Europe, price on request).
  • DC Heater, however various options possible.

Certification for authorisation in EU countries:

  • EV HypE ™ propulsion R10 revison 5 certified.
  • BMS system R10 rev 4 certified.
  • Components CE certified where applicable according to:
    • LVD 2014/35/EU
    • EMC 2014/30/EU
    • EN 60335-1:2012
    • EN55014-1:2006
    • EN50498:2010

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