Coroflex flexible Orange battery cable 3 core shielded

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Shielded Orange battery cable specifically designed for electric vehicle applications, suitable for 600/1000 volts when used as a voltage carrier. Equipped with additional shielding to prevent EMC radiation.

High-voltage wiring with an orange color is one of the requirements of the RDW according to european R100 guidelines. Unlike many battery cables, this cable is also very flexible due to the use of extra thin cores.

  • Conductor material: E-Cu ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602
  • Conductor design: stranded bare coppe
    Screening braid:
  • Tinned copper max. 0.16mm optical covering min. 85 %
  • Foiled shielding: ALU-PET foil Metal side in contact to screen overlap min. 20 %
  • Bend radius:
    – min. 3 x cable diameter for static installation
    – min. 6 x cable diameter for dynamic installation


  • Cable cross section: 3 x 2.5 mm2 – Outside diameter: 0 10.4 mm

price per meter

 9,30 Ex. VAT

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