EMUS BMS centralized can group module with connection kit

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EMUS Centralized CAN Cell Group Module (also known as CCGM) is a combination between a CAN group module and measurement of up to 16 lithium cells. The CCGM communicates with the EMUS BMS main controller using CAN bus and measures voltages of up to 16 lithium battery cells and can be equipped with up to 5 external temperature sensors. Up to 32 CCGM modules can be used in a system.


  • Number of cells: 6 … 16
  • Balance current: 420mA
  • Voltage: 12-67V
  • Temperature sensors: 5x
  • Insulation between communication and battery side: 1500V
  • Operating Temperature: -40 +80 celcius
  • Dimensions: 90x61x17
  • Communication bus: CAN
  • Fixing holes: M4
  • part code CCGM022C

 227,70 Ex. VAT

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