EMUS BMS Cell module 200 – 400

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Temperature and Voltage measurement on each cell by means of a cell module mounted directly on the Accucel. No special tools, soldering or drilling required for assembly. Cell communication using one wire between the individual cell modules. The modules are also equipped with a resistance to be able to “devoid” energy during charging to ensure a perfectly balanced battery pack.


  • Shunt characteristics:
  • – RTOT= 0.8Ohm;
  • – PMAX= 30W;
  • Max balancing current: 6.125A (limited by PMAX);
  • Operating voltage: 2.0V÷4.55V;
  • Operating temperature:-40 °c ÷ + 80 °c;
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ± 10mV;
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 5 °c;
  • Dimensions: 270x30x16,75 mm;
  • Mounting hole: M12.

 28,90 Ex. VAT

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