EMUS BMS Connection circuit board with IO

 179,00 198,00 Ex. VAT

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Connecting circuit board to make it easier to connect and control Inputs and Outputs on the EMUS BMS system.

The circuit board is placed directly into the connectors of the EMUS BMS main controller and through internal logics and relay circuits various functions can be connected directly to the PCB via screw connectors. For example a battery contactor for switching relays with interlock circuit, a KSI circuit, heater and cooling function via relay circuit, SOC out, etc.

  • Size approx. 135 x 130 mm (incl. EMUS main Controller)
  • Power supply voltage 9-16 VDC standard (optional 24 or 48 VDC)
  • including mounting kit

 179,00 198,00 Ex. VAT