EMUS-TESLA BMS Replacement cell module

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EV Europe has developed a printed circuit board that can be easily used to replace the original Tesla circuit board. This circuit board is connected to the original Tesla connectors and in this way can measure and balance the cell voltages via the EMUS main controller. The temperature of the battery module is also measured at the two original Temperature sensor locations. Communication between modules or with the EMUS main controller takes place via plug-in clamps for easy assembly.

  • Designed for Tesla model S battery packs with 6 cells in series.
  • Operating voltage each cell: 2.0 V ÷ 4.55 v;
  • Operating temperature:-40 °c ÷ + 80 °c;
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ± 10mV;
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 5 °c;
  • Dimensions: Suitable for mounting in Tesla model S battery modules
  • Mounting holes same as on Tesla model S battery modules

 189,00 Ex. VAT

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