Our latest development, the complete EV hypE drive system is now also available in water-cooled version for even more continuous power!

The EV HypE Drive system is a fully assembled, tested and “ready to use” drive system and designed to make a conversion as simple as possible with minimal cabling. In base, the EV Hype set can already run with the HV cabling, a throttle and only 1 signal. All primary components to drive a vehicle are integrated into the design of the EV HypE. The specifications of the synchronous Reluctance Internal Magnet Motor are not comparable to standard AC systems due to the efficiency of up to 95% over virtually the entire RPM range and a torque 50% higher than standard AC drive systems with a similar weight and volume.

  • Reluctance motor + X1 motor controller mounted on an integrated water-cooled heatsink for systems where a lot of continuous power is required, such as heavy vehicles, ships or pump drives.
  • up to 95% efficiency
  • Total weight approx. 75 kg
  • Max 8000 rpm
  • Gigavac Main Contactor
  • Internal PCB for galvanic insulation of all inputs, charging communication, charging lock, LED control, etc. No HV input signals present outside the EV Hype.
  • LED illuminated EV Europe logo that goes on if the EV hypE is in drive mode. The LED will also indicate the charging mode of the battery management system(if the BMS system is also purchased at EV Europe).
  • Aluminium heatsink and robust metal casing with weatherproof powder coating.
  • Standard 12V Drive output signal for the R100 compulsory door circuit
  • Automotive R10 approval on the engine-controller combination.
  • EV charge communication according to simplified mode CP/PP signals, including drive lock

Dimensions: 2020-WKO-00 EV hypE Watercooled