HEC-80-55 kW AC motor 144 VDC water-cooled

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AC traction motor

  • Voltage 144 Volt (controller voltage)
  • Max speed 8000 RPM
  • Rated power 55 Kwatt – peak power 80 Kwatt
  • Rated 2500rpm speed
  • weight 124 kg
  • maximum torque 350 nM
  • standard equipped with shielded cables, length 2 meters
  • standard equipped with pulse counter
  • standard temperature sensor
  • completely sealed against dirt! IP class 65
  • dimensions ø320 x 410 mm
  • European product, i.e. labelled BY CE
  • Specially developed for applications that require high torque at low speed, such as electric boats.

Optional: Other types, speeds and voltages on demand. perfect combination with the Curtis 1239 series AC engine controls.

 4.190,00 Ex. VAT

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