Used battery modules of 7.2kwhr each, nicely modular built from LifePo4 pouch battery cells of 100Ah in 8S3P configuration. The modules have been used for some time as an energy storage system with BMS system. The battery cells are still neatly balanced and easy to provide with a BMS system, for example by using 8 EMUS cell modules at each cell block.

It is also easy to change the configuration to build a 48V or 12V system. The battery modules have been measured and we guarantee an imbalance of less than 0.1 volts and a remaining capactity of more than 90%. Ideal to build a home energy storage system.

  • Dimensions: approx. 630 x 330 x 280 mm (l x w x h) excluding hoisting lugs
  • Weight: approx. 70 kg
  • Voltage: 29.2 to 20.8 VDC
  • Capacity: 7.2 kwhr (new)
  • Configuration 8S3P
  • built from LifePo4 pouch cells of 100Ah
  • for individual cell specifications see photo.