Lithium OEM4 Charger water cooled 6.6 kwatt with DC DC inverter CAN controlled

 1,695.00 Excl. btw

4th generation CAN controlled OEM Battery charger with internal dc-dc inverter for Lithium batteries

  • Various max. outgoing voltage, 200V – 450V
  • Various max. amperage 46A/20A
  • max. vermogen 6,6 kwatt
  • Water-cooled version
  • AC input 90 – 265 VAC
  • Fully sealed, IP class 67
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Equipped with a 250/500 kbit CAN bus communication for controlling the charging current and voltage
  • Available with 3 different CAN ID to build a 3 phase charging system, for example
  • Dimensions 290 x 380 x 87mm mm.
  • integrated DC-DC inverter of max 1.5 kW – 14VDC output – 110A
  • Weight only 8.7 kg!

Ideal match with the EMUS BMS system, works with the ELCON – J1939 CAN protocol!

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