Building a battery pack with 18650 (tesla) cells is a complex and tricky job due to the large amount of cells and connections. Without specific equipment, the essential fusing per cell to build a safe battery system is virtually impossible.

For this reason we offer a nice and easy solution for building blocks that consist of loose battery cells that are all individually fused and placed in a safe module. The Power Battery modules also have the unique and “patent pending” ability to cool the battery modules with liquid. This improves efficiency and life span and many higher (continuous) currents may be compared in the battery modules compared to uncooled or air cooled battery modules.

These “Classic 12P” Power Battery modules are composed with the latest Samsung INR18650-29E 18650 cells with extremely high discharge specifications. Great for applications with very high specifications such as electric racers. Other type of cells (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG) on request

  • Includes water cooling tube in the battery module
  • Standard possibility for EMUS BMS CELL MODULE SMALL module placement
  • Small volume: 308 Wh per litre
  • Low weight: 179 Wh per kg
  • Individually fuse protection, no parallel fuses needed
  • Extreem lage zelfontlading
  • Geen “initial” balanceren nodig bij eerste gebruik
  • Rapid prototyping van uw accupakket
  • Made up of original SamsungINR18650-29E battery cells
  • Configuration 12P


  • Rated capacity: 34.8 Ah / 125 Wh
  • Peak discharge current: 99 A
  • Continuous discharge current: 33 A
  • Maximum charging current 33 A
  • Nominale voltage: 3.60 V (2.50-4.20 V)
  • Volume: 0.27 liter
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Dimensions: 134 x 73 x 41 mm

Neem a.u.b. contact met ons op voor meer productspecificaties, grote aantallen of voor een compleet opgebouwd systeem.

Opm: When using lithium battery cells, under or overvoltage protection must be used at all times, such as a Battery Management System or Battery Protection Board