remainder: Fortuna Electric Scooters without license plate


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Fortuna Electric Scooter

we still have some fortuna scooters left without license plate, with an expired CVO. However, possibly still RDW to be inspected via a possible inspection, or ideal for the parts. This concerns 100% new scooters, good riding, still available in various colors.

  • 1200W 60V Brushless DC motor, virtually maintenance free.
  • Available in moustache and moped version
  • Available in three trendy colours:
    • Ice Blue Metalic
    • Navy blue Metalic
    • Smokey Grey Metalic
  • Range 30 km – 40 km with single battery pack or 60-80 km with double battery pack
  • Li-ion 22Ah battery pack with Tesla style 18650 battery cells, made in Holland!
  • Battery pack in suitcase version, easy to change and load at any location!


  • Additional battery pack optionally available for double range

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