Brake vacuum kit

269.00 Excl. btw

Complete brake vacuum kit consisting of:

1x Vacuum pump:

  • Voltage 12 Volt
  • Current 7-8 A
  • Maximum Vacuum -86% according to atmosphere pressure
  • weight 1 kg.

1x Vacuum switch on t-piece:

  • Material: Housing: brass, membrane: stainless steel
  • liquid connection: G1/8
  • Switching pressure: -0.15 to -1 bar
  • Max. switching pressure range: -1 bar
  • Minus. switching pressure range: -0.15 bar
  • Max. Operating temperature: 125 °C

2 meter Vacuum hose

1x Vacuum tank

  • capacity: approx. 0.5 litres
  • size round 103 mm, height incl. mounting bracket 118 mm
  • 2 Connections for hose ID6 mm.

1x Non-return valve

complete set for building up brake vacuum, for example in the absence of or a shortage of vacuum from the combustion engine

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