We now offer a standalone controller for the Tesla drive unit that allows you to install this powertrain in other vehicles. It is a touch screen based unit with a 7″ display. The T-1C allows CAN control over the drive modes (Drive, Neutral, Reverse), displays the infomation coming back from the inverter, and allows you to control and  adjust the power and regenerative braking limits. It also has 12 outputs to control the brake lights under regen and braking conditions,  reverse lights, pre charge and contactor outputs, cooling fan and other outputs depending on the application. The T1-C contains extra hardware to control a variety of outputs that almost all installations and conversions would require.

This unit’s outputs will control;

-Brake lights. Brake light output is activated when the brake pedal is depressed or when regenerative braking exceeds a certain threshold.

-Inverter 12V power. Inverter 12V power should only be applied at the correct point in the power up sequence, after CAN transmission has been initiated.

-Inverter cooling fan control. This output will trigger the inverter cooling fan at a user adjustable inverter coolant temperature, adjusted via the touchscreen.

-High voltage positive contactor.

-High voltage negative contactor.

-High voltage pre-charge relay.   The controller will close the negative contactor, then the precharge relay, then after a set delay, it will close the positive contactor. this is to avoid welded contactors.


The EV Controls T-1C is a full featured controller for the Tesla drive unit.

It can almost all the S-85 and P-85 drive units, however please let us check your model to be 100% certain.

This unit communicates with the inverter over the CAN bus, and will allow you to do the following;

-Engage drive, neutral and reverse modes via the 7″ touchscreen,

-Adjust peak power output and regenerative braking power levels via the touchscreen,

-Display the following data on the 7″ touchscreen;

-Drive mode (D, N ,R)

-Traction pack voltage (HV)

-Inverter 12V supply voltage

-Accelerator position

-Stator current

-Actual power in kilowatts, positive or negative (regenerative braking)

-Max power limit

-Max regen power limit

-Five internal inverter temperature readings

-Vehicle speed (user adjustable scaling to account for wheel diameter)

-Current brake pedal and regen state

-Diagnostic data.

– weight 1 kg