Basic, but still very complete ev kit to convert your bug to electric! Just screw all together and add some batteries and you are ready to go electric! The kit consists of:

  • HEC-50-30 AC motor
  • Motor – Gearbox adapter piece + adapter shaft and bolts. 
  • Curtis 1238 – 96V – 550 amp controller 
  • Curtis main contactor
  • Curtis basic wiring loom
  • Curtis PB-8 potbox 
  • Curtis 840 display
  • Bracket to mount the controller on top of the motor
  • Heatsink for cooling of the motor controller
  • 450 watt dc-dc converter 96V to 12V
  • “mennekens” type charging inlet car side with cabling
  • EV charging module “simplified protocol”

Please note: check the regulations in your country, this kit does not comply with european R10 emc rules. If you need this you can chose for our kit with e-car-box.