Zonic 120 kW High Voltage propulsion

 10.700,00 Ex. VAT

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The Zonic 120 is a compact 120kw peak motor, ideal for average electric vehicles. The set consists of the Zonic 120 motor, an inverter with up to 450 ampere, an AEM EV VCU for controlling the complete drive and all necessary plugs and connectors.

With an input voltage of 270 – 420 VDC, this set is also ideal for fast charging with an optional CCS fast charging module.

  • DC voltage input 270 – 420 VDC
  • max peak power 120 kW
  • Nominal power 60 kW
  • max torque 280 Nm
  • nominal torque 127 Nm
  • max RPM 12.000
  • Protection level IP67
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85 degrees celcius
  • Water cooled motor
  • Weight only 45 kg for the motor and 6 kg for the integrated controller

 10.700,00 Ex. VAT

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