Porsche 911 (912)


Porsche specialist Schmidt Oss has completely in line with their passion for Porsche engineering converted a Porsche 912 (911) from 1969 with an unprecedentedly high finish level of and eye detail. Completely in line with their exclusive “von Schmidt” this project is called “Blitz”.

The basis for the conversion is the EV hypE conversion kit developed by EV Europe and certified in accordance with European R10.5 regulations. It delivers a power of 90 kW and 235 Nm in almost any rev range, which gives extremely smooth handling and better performance than the original, the 912 Blitz is ideal for everyday use, just like you are used to from Porsche.

The Blitz is equipped with a Tesla battery pack of 54 kWh, good for a range of 250+ km. To make the car even more practical, it is equipped with a 3 phase – 16 Amp (11 kW) charging system and then can load the car full again in about 4 hours or recharge a practical 65 km/h.

Used EV kit


Driven Mileage




Top speed


Year built: 1969

Converted: 2020

Builder: Schmidt Oss