Citroen Acadiane (Ecodiane)


The goal of the Acadiane was to have a second car that could be used as a van in the region, with good performance and a range of approx. 60 km. For this reason, a 30 kw engine (Original engine: 20 KW) and a 110 VDC battery system with a capacity of 11 kWh was been chosen. The battery pack is, most sunk in the floor, integrated in a neat battery box in the front of the luggage compartment (just behind the seats) for an ideal weight distribution and minimal loss of luggage space.

The charger and the battery management system are placed behind a hatch on the side of the car, where the fuel tank orignally was positioned. To be able to go further from home, the Acadiane is equipped with special towing eyes, so that it can be dragged through a custom made triangle.

Gearbox: is fixed in 3rd gear. Clutch pedal and shift knob are removed. An electric shifter switches between “D”, “N”, and “R”.

EV conversion kit


Driven Mileage




Top speed

120 km/h

Year of Built: 1982

converted: 2014