Project Description


Original: Citroen Dsuper from 1972

Conversion to 100% electric: 2012

Details: During the restauration the preparations for the electric conversion were nicely made. This resulted in all internal spaces in the DS are still intact, all batteries and other components are nicely stuffed away underneath the seats and under the bonnet. Finally the DS specific hydraulic system is also still intact and converted to electric as well.

The Citroen DS conversion has caught many attention from the media internationally.

Amount of km so far: 50.000+ km

Range: 200+ km

Top speed: 130 km/uur

Used materials:

  • Curtis 1238 – 96V – 650 Amp
  • HEC-50DS AC motor 40 kwatt nominal power – water cooled
  • Lithium Battery Pack 60x Sinopoly 200 Ah – 40 kwhr with EMUS BMS system
  • 3phase – 16 ampere – 11kwat AC charger