Honda HRV (HRVolta)


The purpose of the conversion was to build a recent and not aging car with a not too high weight and yet an off road appearance. A car with ABS braking and an open roof were a requirement. The car had to be able to drive along with the traffic and get an action range of 100 + km.

For this reason, a 30 KWatt engine and a 96 volt battery system with a capacity of approx. 22 KWatt have been chosen. The battery pack is concealed in a neat battery box in the boot (just behind the seats) for an ideal weight distribution and minimal loss of luggage space The tricky part of this conversion was the coupling between the engine and the gearbox.

To do this, the clutch housing had to be shared and machined and then a frame was created to position the engine. This also included a drive shaft bearing that is normally placed in the crankshaft The car is equipped with an electric vacuumpump for the assisted braking and a hydraulic pump for the power steering.

This can be switched on/off as desired.


Driven mileage




Top speed


Year of Built: 2000

converted: 2015