Citroen HY


The goal was to build an as practically as possible 100% electric coffee bar that could work completely autonomously, the project was carried out by Bitter & Real from Dordrecht. For the drive of the 3000 kg heavy HY bus is chosen for the HEC-50-DS motor with special winding so that it delivers 250 Nm and 30 kWatt at low RPM. The full battery pack (144V – 29 kwhr) is placed in the ladder frame, under the floor of the HY bus to maintain the entire interior.

The roof of the HY bus is foldable and equipped with 12m2 solar power with 1800Wp. This power is used to charge the batteries and to operate autonomously on site.

The conversion of the Citroen HY food truck has become a special project that is used professionally in many locations and all major festivals.


Driven Mileage




Top speed


Year of Built: 1971

converted: 2016