Smart e-Roadster


The aim was to create an electrical conversion with the lowest possible electrical consumption. The Smart Roadster has been chosen because of its low weight and small frontal surface.

For the conversion, a special engine was developped with smart gearbox adapter plate and matching spline shaft was so that it could be placed directly on the gearbox. On the subframe our E-car-box could be placed with all electronics to drive the e-roadster inside.

The batteries are devided over the vehicle. A part at the place of the old fuel tank and a part in the front of the luggage compartment. The Curtis Motor Controller sends new data on the vehicle’s existing can bus by means of the can bus to control the dashboard with the right electric motor data.

The 3 phase charger is able to charger with approx. 100 km per hour, making the roadster a very practical car for everyday use.


Driven Mileage




Top speed


Year of Built: 2003

converted: 2014