VW T1 (Kombisol)


The goal was to create the prototype of the KombiSOL , a 100% electric VW T1 bus that is a model of durability and circularity. This first KombiSOL is used as line 2030 by the municipality Arnhem.De emphasis is on the durable nature, the bus is besides electrically also extra isolated and equipped with a solar system over the entire roof of the bus. The Solar system supplies energy to the main battery of the bus. The mobile office including coffee maker is also fed from this battery. For the electric drive is chosen for a 40 KWatt e-Motor and a 144 volt battery system with a capacity of approx. 32 kwhr. The battery pack is devided over the T1 bus, with some nice details to show the users the used technology. For the battery system, a circular solution has been chosen by the reuse of Tesla battery modules. The conversion of the VW T1 has become a very attractive project.


Driven Mileage




Top speed


Year of Built: 1973

converted: 2018