EVIDA 8 kWh 76V battery pack for Mia

4,900.00 1,500.00 Excl. btw

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1 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)


Origineel accupakket voor  Mia electric vehicle.

Technical details

  • 76V nominaal voltage
  • 105Ah 8 kWh
  • 2C-3C EV-Hybrid Battery Pack
  • UL, CE, SGS-RoHS, RBRC, ISO, and TS Certified
  • Custom Lithium LiFePO4 Cylindrical Battery Pack

Comes with a Protective Advanced BMS installed

  • Advanced BMS
    • Cooling fan
    • Max Continuous discharge amperage is 2C
    • Max Peak discharge amperage is 3C for 1~10 seconds

Certified Cylindrical Battery Pack combines cylindrical cells for higher voltage and capacity applications than those of a single cell.

Could be used as storage battery or electric car battery